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Easy-Oven-Clean without toxic chemicals

December 03, 2012 at 4:41 PM

The inside of the oven can become a frightning mess.

As a professional house cleaner I've seen it all and cleaned it all.  I figured out an all-natural way to clean the oven quickly & with great results!  Follow the steps below as I explain the painless procedure that took less than 15 mintues of scrub time!  


1. Prep the oven: scrape all the burnt pieces & put in the trash.



2. Spray the entire inside with an all-natural de-greeser.  I LOVE Bio-Green Clean.


3. Sprinkle the whole oven with baking soda.  Close the oven & let sit.  We waited one hour, the longer you wait, the less scrubbing you will be doing.  I highly recommend letting it sit overnight. 


4. Scrub Time!  Grab some steel wool and get after it!  You may want to add a little water or more Bio-Green Clean to make a good consistancy to scrub with.


5. Keep Scrubbing...almost done now!



6. Spray oven with your all-natural cleaner and get the rest of the baking soda out.


7. All clean now and looking good!


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